Why meet enterprise partners through StrategyHack?

Competition in the startup world is fierce. Whether it's venture dollars, market share, or brand awareness, new companies fight for every inch of ground they gain. Modern startups rely on partnerships and collaboration with established industry players who can provide resources, direction, and subject matter expertise.

StrategyHack helps startups spin up their new market expansion with enterprise companies in specific industries who are looking for innovation partners. We are a fast and easy way to find corporate teams who are ready to partner with startups and launch POCs that can be scaled immediately.

What happens in a StrategyHack engagement?

We gather groups of established, scalable startups and produce a workshop summit that introduces them to potential enterprise collaboration partners. In a workshop summit, startups can meet multiple corporates at a time, as well as get actionable expansion insights into their target markets.

At the end of the summit, startups will know whether to pursue partnerships with each enterprise. It will be clear how each potential partner can provide material value to their business operations and plans for growth.

By participating in StrategyHack, we came up with new ideas for our launch into NYC and were introduced to some very smart people who ultimately helped us execute them.” -Jing Wang Herman, US CEO, GETT