Thank you for applying to be a StrategyHack featured startup!

This is an opportunity to participate in a full-day marketing strategy workshop with professional strategists from a major marketing agency. For growing companies with a need for marketing assistance, this workshop is invaluable. The cost to you, however, is only $300.

For startups, there are two requirements:

  1. The product/service must be fully functional and have existing customers. 
  2. The product/service must be immediately scalable.

Below is some some basic information about our selection process:

  1. Priority will be given to companies that clearly articulate the value & impact that they feel a marketing strategy will have on their product.
  2. You must have market and user data that you can share with the strategists so they can better understand the company's circumstances.
  3. You must be willing and able to pivot your go-to-market strategy based on your experience in the StrategyHack workshop.

IMPORTANT: It is STRONGLY recommended that both the business founder and technical founder of accepted startups attend the event. Trust us. This is important.

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