Company History

StrategyHack® was formed in 2013 as a way to bridge the gap between the startup and marketer communities in New York City. Every few months, progressive marketers and growing startups came together for full-day marketing accelerator workshops. Paired into teams by StrategyHack, these groups collaborated to create actionable strategies for startup success.

Originally designed to accelerate startup growth, StrategyHack became an efficient way to infuse the startup ethos into dedicated groups of talented marketing strategists. Just as startups need branding and customer development strategies, marketers benefit from learning to operate in the nimble, resource-constrained startup environment.

At StrategyHack’s inception, most participating marketers were from boutique ad agencies local to New York, but marketing professionals from outside the NYC ecosystem began seeking out the StrategyHack experience. At the height of these community workshops, individual marketers from major agencies were traveling from as far as Atlanta to participate in StrategyHack.

In 2014, the founders of StrategyHack began exploring ways to bring its startup marketing scenarios to traditional & digital agencies as private enterprise workshops. By the end of the year, StrategyHack partnered with mcgarrybowen to host the first ever StrategyHack Innovation Workshop.

While some agencies are focused on acquiring modern creative divisions, StrategyHack is in talks with other major agencies to help them create a similar culture of innovation in 2015 by collaborating with the startup community.


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