StrategyHack creates elite marketing & product strategists by teaching them how to truly think like a startup and create new markets for corporate innovation. If you're interested in participating in the next StrategyHack workshop, here are a few things you should know.

No other training replicates the StrategyHack experience.

We're the only ones in town who produce next-level strategy talent by teaching startup methods from the source. The live case studies that come out of our events represent real challenges being solved for real startups.

Strategists of any specialty are matched with growing startups who need their help.

The StrategyHack staff carefully analyzes the talents of each strategist and places them on complementary teams with startups who need their particular set of skills. Teams are introduced to each other at a pre-event mixer two days before the event.

The full-day workshop is a journey of discovery and collaboration.

At the event, strategists become familiar with their startup founders' vision for the company and for the specific problems they're trying to solve. The solutions to these problems aren't pre-determined, but are molded and tested throughout the day. Finally, the teams condense their ideas into actionable strategy presentations.



Although there is no transaction for services between startups and marketers, team members are held accountable to each other.

At the end of the day, each team delivers a Showcase presentation to each other and to an audience of invited guests (influencers, executives, press, etc.). A judging panel will ask pointed questions of the founders and marketers, and the audience may ask questions, as well.

The end-of-day Showcase is an opportunity for managers to witness their employees' dedication to innovation.

StrategyHack isn't an easy experience. Those who participate are making a commitment to raising the standard of innovation by taking risks and producing new, better ideas. For this reason, we invite managers and executives from the represented agencies & brands to view the final Showcase and see firsthand the challenges their employees have overcome and the goals they have achieved.

A StrategyHack workshop is an efficient demonstration of Continuing Professional Development.

The new ways of thinking that are forged in a StrategyHack workshop become the tools used to create new markets and to deliver better results for existing clients and customers. The cost for each strategist to participate in this full-day event is $150.* This cost may be covered by each participant's employer using the budget allocated for Continuing Professional Development.


*This is an introductory rate and applies only to the workshop occurring on Saturday, August 27, 2016. Subsequent workshops are not guaranteed at this rate.