How does StrategyHack® work?

StrategyHack is a funnel for enterprise innovation. We are more efficient than a corporate accelerator, much faster than an internal incubator, and yield more results than corporate VC investment.

With StrategyHack, you can spin up your innovation strategy by working with startups in your industry who are looking for collaboration partners. We are a low cost, low risk way to find startup founders who are ready to partner with enterprise and create value you can implement immediately.

How do these startup engagements work?

With StrategyHack, members of your innovation team will collaborate directly with selected established startups in a time-limited workshop that will push the limits of their creativity, resourcefulness, and efficiency. The hands-on work they produce will force them to gain a quick understanding of the startups' capabilities, scalability, and their ability to impact your target market.

Our method is backed up by experience and measurable data. We've been hosting these strategy accelerators since 2013, and we've worked with more than 150 startups and over 50 brands and agencies.