Getting that Culture Shift to Stick

The year is drawing to a close. Once the euphoria of Christmas and New Year celebrations wear off, it’ll be time to take a look at what’s going to be different in 2016.

If you’ve decided that your outlook on creating new business outcomes is one of those things, you and I need to have a conversation.

We talked last week about paying lip service to innovation, and how easy it is to try to instill it without thinking about the follow-through. After all, any executive or manager can say they want new ideas and better execution. It’s easy to claim a desire to embody startuppy qualities like agile, lean, and innovative.

Coming through on it is another thing, altogether.

If you ask innovation consultant Jeffrey Phillips, your company culture “has different incarnations, and each must be changed for innovation to be successfully grafted into an existing culture.”

What he means is this: it’s not just about the mindset; it comes down to your willingness to introduce the changes that will allow innovation to take hold. He goes on to say, “When asked to produce something new and different, but without new tools or a description of the new deliverable, teams revert to… existing tools, existing ways of thinking, and existing culture.”

So here’s a quick thing for you to think about as we close out the books on the ol’ ‘15: your clients, your customers, and your team are ready. You’re ready. Everyone knows it. So how are you going to jump start that shift in culture to create the nimble, innovative company or department you can see lurking underneath the surface?

If you’re ready to make a commitment like this, let’s talk.