StrategyHack was created to bridge the gap that exists between startup and marketing communities.

In 2012, Peter Crysdale had the idea to host a workshop that would bridge this divide by allowing marketers to work directly with growing startups doing what they do best: marketing.

Since then, StrategyHack has hosted many of these accelerator workshops and has helped more than 210 marketers learn what it means to think like a startup.

Peter Crysdale

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Peter founded StrategyHack to give companies access to innovation in the startup ecosystem. He now runs Recorp.

In his spare time, he runs Startup Grind NYC, a monthly fireside chat series featuring startup founders from Matt Mullenweg (Wordpress) to Paul English (Kayak).

He blogs at, and you can also find him at

Tina Yip

Tina Yip is a marketer who works on social media strategy for Fortune 500 companies.  After interning at 10 companies throughout college for a variety of agencies, Tina started her career at R/GA and is now a Social Strategist at Big Spaceship.

With a strong passion for startups and technology, she is excited to be part of StrategyHack’s team and develop its growing community of marketers.

Find out more about Tina at

Luis Vasquez

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Luis Vasquez is an Entertainment Marketing Professional with a decade of experience working with American TV networks, consumer brands, and international media companies.

At StrategyHack, Luis moderates the day-long workshop and collaborates with partners to activate their brands at StrategyHack events.

In previous roles, he developed and executed partnership campaigns with TV networks, record labels, and advertising partners.

Joshua Ness

Joshua Ness is a growth strategist in the New York City startup community. He has a knack for building relationships and connecting people in real life.

Currently a volunteer instructor at Startup Institute, Joshua formerly helped build marketing teams in the event management, workforce development, and community organization industries.

You can connect with Joshua and learn about his irrational fear of umbrellas at

Dane Menten-Weil

Dane  Menten-Weil is a marketing maven with experience and passion for everything from customer support to the company's code.

Dane began his career as the Director of Support at GameChanger in New York City, and he joins StrategyHack after further developing himself at NYU and out in the field at Livefyre. Dane currently leads the execution of each event under Josh's guidance (even though Dane is better than Josh and everyone knows it).

Sanya Deshpande


Sanya Deshpande is an interdisciplinary brand strategist with a passion for culture, technology and human behavior.

In the past, Sanya's experiences have panned across U.S and Asia, agency and client side, through stints at CHANEL, R/GA, Whyness Worldwide. She currently supports the Social Strategy and Marketing efforts at StrategyHack.

Learn more about her at